Retail Sales

  • displays prices (normal, contract, or/and promotional)
  • displays product name
  • displays important features as operating system, screen
    size, processor speed (generated, no user input needed)
  • alerts staff if customer needs help
  • reports customer interaction with every product
  • keeps product alive, prevents sleep

* possibility to link with the sales system of the shop to get
automatically the prices and descriptions of the products

Sell Sell Sell

Marketing and
Communication Benefits

Me Me
  • advertising other products
  • recommend compatible accessories
  • promote services, events
  • sell advertising space for suppliers

* content management possible from head office
or shop

Product Anti-theft
Security Benefits

2 levels of security: alarm if no charging power,
alarm if product dissapears from network

records every event: absence of power, lost
connection, staff interaction, with reports

checks the displayed products presence over wifi

simple but strong user management

editable power calendar for every shop

easy to use remote app for android


  • prices contain: installation costs, updates and servicing
  • prices do not contain: hardware costs,
    personalized developments
  • extra discounts from 50 shops up on request
  • no limitations on quantity / shop

* prices do not include VAT

See Pricing Details


  • Head

    SellMeSafe HQ
    Server application

  • Shop

    SellMeSafe SHOP
    Server application

  • Shop

    SellMeSafe App
    Smartphones • Tablets • Laptops

  • Shop

    Remote App

System Requirements for Server

( *not included in the price )

  • Intel Core i5 or higher
  • 120 GB SSD
  • Windows PRO
  • b/g/n wifi router
  • UPS for PC and router


Who Are We?

Shopo is a team with over 15 years of experience in

Retail Design,

Commercial Furniture Design,

Project Management,

Product Antitheft Security and

Shop Fit-out.

With more than 300 equipped shops, Shopo is the leader in Romania especially in the electronics retail segment.

Shopo can design, build and fit-out your shop from beginning till the Grand Opening.

Our long experience in the electronics retail led us to find the most efficient materials and equipments for the shops in every field.

Using several types of security systems for displayed products gave us the chance to create an easy to use, low installation and running cost, but very strong security system for displayed smartphones and tablets, combined with digital signage solution called SellmeSafe.

Sc Shopoweb Srl

Tg. Secuiesc
Jud. Covasna

+40 724 231 412