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Do you want to display your products
in your shops ALIVE, and you need a strong
sales, marketing + security
system for them?

Do you want to control
the content on-line from anywhere?
Now You have it all-in-one!


Retail Sales Benefits

Great help for your Sales Department.

While you have a beautifull presentation, you have a pack of benefits which helps in the sales process.

zero labeling costs and time-saving for your staff
• easy management of the data
• always ready to help customers
• real time usage data is ready to be analized by sales management

Clean Presentation

Display your products on a clean surface, without other disturbing objects
• Present only the product you want to sell, no price labels, wobbler, etc

Always On Display

Your presentation will be always alive, without black, dead devices
• It is important in the sales process to present the products to your customers really functioning
• The products are ready to try, without limitations

Digital Price Label

Show the name, features and prices of the products
Personalize the color scheme according to your brand identity
 The data can be easily modified, directly on the device, trough the internet or remote app

Staff Notification

Be ready to assist your customers, if they need help
The system sends a notification right to the personal smartphone of your staff, so you never miss a customer


Marketing & Communications Benefits

Transform your displayed products into dynamic advertising platforms!

Manage your digital signage components over the internet, assign different content for your different shops, brands and products.


Promote your business, services, events.
Sell advertising space to your suppliers.
Manage your promo videos on-line, create the play-list depending on shop, brand or product

Recomend Accessories

Boost your turnover with accessories and complementary product sales!

All these features are for SellmeSafe Cloud Version


Instore Security Benefits

Security is a permanent issue of every store.

Sellmesafe offers two levels of activ security, combined with the logging of all events, interactions

Charging Security

Sound and visual alarm on device
Staff notification on remote app, if there is no charging

Network Security

Staff notification on remote app, if the device disappears from the wi-fi network of the shop


Every alarm, request, user interaction is recorded by the cloud server


Works with, and strengthens your existing any kind of security system

All these features are for SellmeSafe Cloud Version

Functioning Modes

We included in our app different functioning modes,
to be prepared for every in-store situation.
These modes can be turned on easily
from the settings of the app.

Always on Top

Price + Video + Security

  • Shows the Price Label
  • Plays the Demo Video
  • Protects with two levels of security
  • Recomended for normal in-store display, with all the features turned on

Video Only

Video + Security

  • No Price Label
  • Plays the Demo Video
  • Protects with two levels of security
  • Recomended for in-store display, when you don’t need to show the price and features of the product, but you want to use it as a digital signage element



  • No Price Label
  • No Demo Video
  • Protects with two levels of security
  • Recomended for supplier brand stands, if you want to show the brand’s official demo content, but you still want to protect and track the device

Everything in the Cloud

Manage your whole storechain from the comfort of
your office or home.

Change the price of a product with a few clicks, instantly, from your favorite café!

Online Management

Administrate the whole system (shops, products) from anywhere, trough a web application.

Cloud Connection

The devices are connected to the cloud server, getting all the data as names, prices, promo videos automatically

User Management

Assigtn different types of users for every shop, with different roles; check-back every user’s interaction with the system


Stay informed about the customers’ interest rate about your products and shops, analyze the sales performance of your shops

Remote App

Helpful tool for your staff, to see system status, to manage alarms, notifications, products and prices

Just works!

Easy for everyone!

Register online, obtain the customer id and Install the app on the device.


No Special Equipment Needs

The system is working with the existing equipment, internet and wi-fi connection of your shop

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

The installation and running of the system is very easy, can be done by anybody

Friendly Pricing

Different pricing levels, fitted to your needs, without affecting the budget of your business